Dr. Mamta Sham Lal


Dr. Mamta Sham Lal

Post Doctorate

Dr. Mamta completed her PhD from Indian Institute of Technology Madras, India in Oct 2022. During her PhD, she worked on high entropy oxides and carbon-based materials for electrochemical energy storage and desalination by capacitive deionization. She joined as a Postdoctoral Project Associate in the lab of Prof. Ramaprabhu, IIT Madras after submitting her PhD thesis. She worked on the development of biowaste-derived hard carbon anodes for Na-ion batteries.

Dr. Mamta joined Noked group as a Postdoctoral Researcher in Feb 2023. Her research interest lies in material design for Li-ion batteries and beyond, interfacial control and understanding energy storage systems. She is currently working on liquid & solid-state batteries. 
Besides research, she enjoys reading books. She has a keen interest in learning foreign languages and loves cooking.

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