Dr. Ortal Shalev


Dr. Ortal Shalev

Post doctorate

Ortal has completed her B.Sc. in Bar Ilan University at 2007, and her M.B.A in Harriet-Watt University at 2010.

Ortal have graduated her M.Sc. in Bar Ilan University at 2013, under the direction of Prof. Zitoun David. Research topic; "Chemical reduction and mechanism of metal-organic complexes towards metallic nanoparticles".

Ortal have completed her PhD under the supervision of Prof. Mastai Yitzhak Bar Ilan University at 2018, Research topic; "Atomic layer deposition of metal-oxides thin films onto chiral biological macromolecules". She is well- experienced in chemical synthesis, wet-chemistry, nano-characterization and development of nanomaterials applications.

Ortal is currently a post-doc in Dr. Noked Malachi in Bar-Ilan University. 

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